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Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to assisting individuals in keeping their homes or businesses free of pests by implementing a variety of techniques. There are several types of pest management services we can provide, such as interior pest control, termite control, rodent control Sarasota, and many more. As a pest control company, we use only the most advanced techniques and technology to eliminate pests swiftly and effectively, ensuring that your home or office is left clean and pest-free.

Pest Control Company EnglewoodWhy Choose Us for Sarasota Pest Control?

As a reputed pest control company, Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control is considered one of the best Sarasota pest control companies. Our goal at Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control is to provide you with the best possible service for your lawn and home, which is why we are dedicated to you. The owner of this business, Kevin Rinaldo, was born and raised in Englewood, Florida, and graduated from Lemon Bay High School in 2006, where he studied as an honors student.

His father inspired him to start a business in the pest control industry after the death of his mother. As a result of his belief that his father would support the venture, he founded Signature Home Lawn & Pest Control. The main goal of his company was to provide exceptional customer service, superior lawn care, and effective pest control services. We specialize in Sarasota pest control, rodent control, Manatee pest control. There are many pest control companies that provide various methods of eradicating bugs, but their success rates differ radically from one another.

We at Signature Pest Control are well-versed in the most effective and safe way to treat insect and rodent infestations with baits and insect killers. Our business is the only one with extensive experience in the pest control industry in Sarasota. Moreover, our specialists are capable of identifying insect species and are experienced in treating them accordingly. Therefore, we have had significant success with our varied doses for various pests despite the fact that they are varied. We are very pleased with our growing customer retention rate.

Interior Pest Control Sarasota

Choosing a professional pest control company might be a good choice if you are looking for a reliable solution to removing pests from your home. There are many businesses that provide interior pest control services, such as the removal of nuisance insects, ants, spiders, and other critters. Additionally, they will remove the insulation, wipe away dirt, and seal any leaks. To schedule a pest control service in Englewood, Sarasota, Manatee County, or neighboring areas, please contact Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control.

Rodent Control Sarasota

Home offices and, occasionally, corporate businesses are facing problems with rats and mice that cause a lot of problems. You may also experience damage to your home as well as the components of your home as a result of them. We can assist you with all of your Englewood pest control problems whether you live in Sarasota, Florida, a nearby community, or if you are just looking to make sure that you are safe against rodents without having to spend a lot of money on pest control services. 

The Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control is a professional pest control firm located in Florida that provides a full range of pest control services. Throughout the past 20 years, they have been highly effective in removing rats and other hazardous pests from homes and businesses. Without the help of a professional who specializes in rodent management, you increase your chances of contracting diseases that are transmitted by rats, which can be very dangerous for your health. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with our specialists at Signature Lawn and Pest Control if you wish to remove rats from your house before they gain access.

Termite Removal Companies Sarasota

The cost of property damage caused by termites in the United States alone is five billion dollars annually. Sarasota has not exhausted all of its resources. It is possible for pests to hide under the soil on the wood or on the foundation of your home, and you are unable to detect them in time to prevent significant damage. If you wish to protect your home from the impending damage that will be caused by termites, would you be so kind as to contact an Sarasota Pest Control company or a company that specializes in the removal of termites? By identifying the source of the infestation, Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control are able to ensure that Termite treatment is as effective as possible. The pests may be able to be removed, but if you don’t figure out why they came into the house, expect further challenges. Detecting and eliminating the source of your infestation is the key to preventing future infestations with Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control. 


Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control has been providing pest control services for more than two decades now. As a pest control and lawn service provider, our applicators have worked with our company for many years. Because of this, we are familiar with the solutions needed to resolve your problems and ensure that the beauty of your property is maintained at all times. Feel free to contact us if you would like further information about which goods would be the best fit for your needs. Our goal is to ensure that you will discover the value of the lawn and pest control solutions we offer as soon as possible. A pest control company may be able to help you save money in the long run by eliminating the need for you to hire their services.

If you haven’t realized it yet, there are various kinds of pests and rodents in your house. These pests and rodents can cause harm to your home, and mess up items such as carpets, furniture, rugs, furniture, clothing, foundations, and foundation materials. Therefore, it may be necessary for you either to repair the damage yourself or for you to hire a professional to do it for you. Having an experienced professional on hand to help reduce a pest infestation as quickly and efficiently as possible will help protect not only your home but your budget as well. You can rely on us to take care of your lawn and pest control needs. Call us at 941-460-3034 today to find out what we can do for you!