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At Signature we strive to keep your home free from invasive pests and termites. We offer several value-added termite programs such as:

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What to Expect During a Termite Inspection from the Termite Removal Companies

When you come to Signature for your next termite inspection and treatment, we will recommend an annual termite inspection. This inspection begins with an inspection of your property. This gives us the information needed to provide you with the most effective termite treatment plan for the long term. From there, we use a dual method to treat termites:  We set up a liquid defense system along with strategic baiting. Our specific treatment depends on your termite problem and termite threats.

When should you get a Termite Inspection

We recommend that you start with your annual termite inspection in the spring months. Why? Similar to many other insects, termites are busy growing colonies during this season, so spring is a good starting point for an inspection.

This begins to occur as the weather changes to warmer temps and rainfall increases. When swarmers leave a colony and fly into the air, they leave their wings behind; this is a tell tale sign of termites. Fortunately, swarmers are not damaging to wood. However, when you see swarmers, there is a bigger problem to deal with–this is where the termite inspection experts come into the picture.

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Termites or Flying Ants?

Colonies of ants and termites both produce winged reproductives that fly out to start new colonies. The key way to distinguish winged ants and winged termites is by looking at the wings. Termite swarmers have wings that are all the same size. Ants have hind wings that are much smaller than the front wings. Collect a few and have one of our certified applicators identify them when we come out to treat your home if you want to be sure.

Proper Treatment For Long-Lasting Results

Termite infestations can be an extremely worrisome and troubling discovery which is why early detection is key. At Signature, all of our termite treatments in South Florida begin with a free initial inspection, to determine if termites are present and the severity of any existing activity. By doing so, we are able to provide customers with a clearer understanding of the status of their home and how we will proceed with treatment.


Before you buy Termite Treatments…

You may need to use a termite treatment to entirely eradicate your home of these pesky bugs. These procedures can be taken, however, only if your house has not yet been invaded by termites.

  • Termites can be identified in the foundation if it is inspected seasonally. To shield themselves from the sun, these insects build mud tubes. Tubes of mud can be seen extending from the basement up to the siding.
  • Termites thrive in damp environments, and proper ventilation and sealing can help alleviate this problem. Assuring the correct sealing of all windows, doors, and vents is essential, and if necessary, it should be done every year.
  • Keep wood stacks away from the house and cut back vegetation that is encroaching on it. Termites are attracted to timber structures, including stud walls and window frames.
  • All outdoor construction projects should make use of pressure-treated wood. Wood that has been treated with chemicals is rarely of interest to termites.

A DIY termite treatment or even hiring a professional exterminator may be necessary if these preventive methods fail to keep the pests away. However, professional exterminators have access to far more potent termiticides, which may necessitate a temporary move out of the house.

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