Year Long Fire Ant Control Featuring TOPCHOICE !!!

Topchoice insecticide provides single-application control of fire ants for up to a full year. Topchoice controls existing colonies and prevents new infestations. Applied only by professionals, Topchoice is formulated specifically for broadcast application with commercially available spreaders. High effectiveness, low active ingredient Lowest dose, non-bait, professionally applied insecticide Residual control – just one broadcast application controls fire ants for up to a full year Effective after rainfall or irrigation. No need for fire ant mound treatments.

Fire Ant Control

Proper Treatment For Long-Lasting Results

Fireant infestations can be an extremely worrisome and troubling discovery which is why early detection is key. At Signature, all of our termite treatments in South Florida begin with a free, initial inspection to determine if fire ants are present and the severity of any existing activity. By doing so, we are able to provide customers with a clearer understanding of the status of their homes and how we will proceed with treatment.


Fire Ant Control by Signature Home Lawn and Pest Control

When it comes to fire ants, there are three primary methods of control: granular baits, mound treatments, and broadcast insecticide treatments. Granular baits, when utilized appropriately, may often achieve a controlled rate of approximately 80%. This means that you will have approximately one-fifth the number of mounds as you would have if you did not treat.

Fire ants in your yard can be controlled

Contact killers and baits are the two primary types of fire ant control agents available on the market. Both types are quite effective, yet they operate in very distinct ways from one another. Using baits to manage fire ants is the most straightforward, least expensive, and most successful method available. The two-step method of killing fire ants is the most effective method available: baiting followed by mound drenching.